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wong solo said...

Dear Readers,
428 was a sad day for peace-loving Malaysians. The Bersih 3.0 rally was supposed to be bersih and peaceful – just a simple sit-protest – just what the white-long-haired Samad Said was doing – shitting-sit in the tunnel. You could see the many families around – father, mother, sons, daughters and even grandies, sipping their cold drinks and munching tid-bits. But the peacefulness did not last for long.

When DSAI, his deputy cum-co-hubby-wife Azmin Ali, started addressing and provoking the people, the crowds could not be controlled. The crowds were waiting for the signal to charge the police-barricade and invade Dataran Merdeka. When Ambiga – I like to call her “I Am Bigo” ( I Am Mad – in Javanese), DSAI and the dayus-man Azmin Ali gave their signals – the moron-crowds acted aggressively and violently. Their one-track minds were filled with one mission – invade Dataran Merdeka – no matter what happens next.

What we saw after that, the were clashes between the yellow-red-shirted-crowds and the authorities. And many of us, the on-lookers, started to express our views, or rather, started to finger-pointing at each others. Many blamed the police and many also blame the culprits who provoked the crowds.

As for me, if I were the authorities – I would follow Mossad rule-of-the game. Just sneak into the crowds with your yellow or red t-shirt, point your gun and bang Ambiga. I Am Bigo – the never thankful iron-lady, will be gone forever. Kapuuut, just like the beetle-nut spats done by her ancestors – it dried itself with the sunshine.

If I were powerful, I would deported DSAI to a gay-country. Last week I was travelling through Bangsar and under one bridge, I saw a poster with DSAI’s potrait - printed in bold-blue asking the people to march to Bersih and statig its motto “Liwat Tetap Liwat”. But, mind you, where can we find a gay-country in the globe? The only solution is to reallocate DSAI to Sungai Buloh. Some gay-holed-residents are happy to accept him – some thing is better than nothing!

If I were rich. I would approach Azmin Ali – just to negotiate a small business. A small token that lasts not a day but half a night. I just wat to rent his wifey! Rumours say she is available to certain quarters.

If I were back from Myanmar – completing the democratization-process of Burma – I would like to see Mat Sabu. I would give him some sabus, batu akik and some young-beautiful-lady photographs. I did these because some of his close-partners said that he loves sabus, big-batu-akik-rings and shiny-ladies-foreheads!

But here I am. I am what I am…..I am a simple Wong - just trying to express my mind. What say you. Friends?

Anonymous said...

so sad you feel that towards anuar, azmin nad mat sabu. you perceived them as gay, cheap sex seekers which to me are over exaggerated and playing the tuned which amno desperately are hoping for.

please read and do some soul thinking as to why those unwanted incidences happened on that day. Those incidences were actually what the govt direly hope to happen. SB, tear gases, communication spammer, whatever are all good ingredients to start the riot. It's the police who started the riot!!don't forget to read Bar Council stand on this issue.

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